Lead Workplace exposures

EPA requests comment on lead-based paint methodology

Washington – The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking comment on whether renovation, repair and painting activities in public and commercial buildings create lead-based health hazards.

A notice in the Aug. 6 Federal Register offers details about a modeling methodology that can be applied to determine the amount of lead in the environment. The methodology also can be used to measure the amount of lead in workers’ bodies, as well as the health effects from exposure to lead-based paint during work in public and commercial buildings.

The latest document follows a May 30 Federal Register notice that outlined a framework for identifying and evaluating potential lead-based hazards in renovation, repair and painting activities. EPA said it would develop proposed requirements to reduce health risks if it found that building renovations created hazards.

Lead exposure can harm workers’ cardiovascular health, kidney function and cognitive abilities. In December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report showing that the most common industries for elevated lead exposure were manufacturing, construction, services and mining.