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OSHA issues resources on farm vehicle rollover protection

Washington – Noting the high number of farm-related deaths involving vehicles and equipment, OSHA on Aug. 15 released two QuickCards intended to educate employers on protecting agricultural workers from these hazards.

One QuickCard outlines how to help protect farmworkers from tractor and harvester hazards. The resource includes tips on maintaining equipment, training workers to inspect farm vehicles for safety equipment, being aware of overhead power lines, and shutting down tractors before climbing down from them.

A second QuickCard covers safely backing up farm vehicles and equipment. Among the tips:

  • Keep mirrors and windows clean.
  • Have another worker assist the driver in back-up operations.
  • Ensure workers understand and use hand signals.

The QuickCards are available in both Spanish and English.

Nearly 6,000 agricultural workers were killed between 2003 and 2011 from work-related injuries, with tractor rollovers being the deadliest type of farm injury, according to the agency.