NHTSA tool allows drivers to search for vehicle recalls

Washington – The vehicle that you drive might be unsafe.

Now, a free online resource developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can help you find out.

NHTSA on Aug. 20 launched a search tool that allows drivers to learn whether major light vehicles or motorcycles have safety recalls by entering the Vehicle Identification Number.

If a vehicle has a safety recall that needs to be addressed, the site will provide an information box with a summary of the recall, the safety risk that is involved and an explanation of how owners can take the next step to have the recall fixed for free by the vehicle’s manufacturer. If a vehicle is not affected, owners will see “No Open Recalls” after submitting their VIN information.

Drivers can find their VIN by looking at the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle, or on the post of the driver’s side door. Insurance cards and insurance bills also contain VIN information.