NFPA warns college students about fire safety

Quincy, MA – College students have a lot to think about, with making it to class on time and scraping up enough money for books. But another thing they need to worry about? Fire safety.

The National Fire Protection Association is reminding students to protect themselves now that school is approaching.

Most fires in college housing occur in September and October – an average of 860 fires occurred during those months from 2007 to 2011 in dorms, Greek housing and barracks, according to a 2013 NFPA report.

One-third of college housing fires occurred on weekends, and most began in kitchens (70 percent). Only 7 percent started in bedrooms, but those fires led to 27 percent of injuries and 21 percent of property damage.

NFPA offers these fire safety tips for college students:

  • Choose housing with sprinklers.
  • Make sure housing has smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area and on each floor.
  • Test smoke alarms at least once a month. Never disable them.
  • Cook only in permitted areas.
  • Learn the building’s evacuation plan and practice drills. For off-campus housing, have an escape plan for two exits out of every room.