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Farmers: Be careful using equipment near power lines, energy council warns

Springfield, IL – With National Farm Safety and Health Week (Sept. 20-27) approaching, the Energy Education Council’s Safe Electricity program is reminding farmers and other agriculture workers to practice safety when working near overhead power lines.

Equipment should be checked daily to ensure it will steer clear of power lines, according to the initiative.

If a power line is touched, stay on the farm equipment, the council advises, and call the local utility provider. If the equipment is on fire, jump off it with feet together and avoid touching the ground and equipment at the same time. “Bunny hop” away by keeping feet together.

Safe Electricity offers additional guidance:

  • Use a spotter when operating large machinery near power lines.
  • Be careful when raising augers or the bed of grain trucks around power lines.
  • Keep equipment at least 10 feet from power lines.
  • Check the height of farm equipment for clearance.
  • Put extensions on the lowest setting when moving loads.
  • Never move a power line for clearance.
  • If a power line is low or sagging, notify the utility provider.