Workplace exposures

Indiana DOL offers tips on avoiding carbon monoxide exposure

Indiana Dept. of Labor

Photo: Indiana Department of Labor

Indianapolis – The Indiana Department of Labor is reminding employers to protect workers from cold weather risks, including carbon monoxide poisoning.

Poorly ventilated areas with furnaces, space heaters or running engines can contribute to CO exposure in the workplace when the weather is cold, Indiana DOL states. The odorless, colorless gas can cause nausea, unconsciousness and death.

The department shared the following guidance for employers to help their workers avoid CO exposure:

  • Install a ventilation system that clears CO from the area.
  • Make sure equipment and tools are working properly.
  • Train workers to identify and report hazards and symptoms of CO exposure.

Common cold weather illnesses include frostbite, hypothermia and trench foot. Indiana DOL recommends the following:

  • Make sure workers are properly trained.
  • Ensure workers wear proper clothing and personal protective equipment.
  • Keep workers dry and inform them about wind chill.