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Philly task force calls for paid sick leave


Philadelphia – A task force convened by the mayor of Philadelphia has issued a report calling for mandatory paid sick leave for workers.

The report recommends a policy that would require employers with at least 15 employees to provide paid sick time to eligible employees, who would accrue one hour of sick time for every 40 hours worked. If implemented, the policy could improve health and safety for about 200,000 employees – or 35 percent of the city’s workforce – who currently lack access to paid sick time, the report states.

Philadelphia would join 16 cities and three states – California, Connecticut and Massachusetts – that have paid sick leave ordinances. The task force stated that federal and state employees, temporary workers, seasonal workers, independent contractors, and part-time employees who average less than 15 hours a week during a 90-day period would be among those exempt from the sick leave recommendations.