Workplace exposures

Oregon FACE issues 3 safety guides for logging industry


Photo: SANSA Images

Portland, OR – The Oregon Occupational Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program has released three toolbox talks aimed at preventing injuries in the logging industry.

The guides outline three separate incidents. In one incident, a rigging slinger was killed by a swinging log. The guide advises workers to “get in the clear” before any lines are moved and to follow up on safety training and supervision.

In another incident, a logging worker died after he fell off a skidder. He was riding on an access step outside the cab. The guide recommends the following:

  • Avoid riding as a passenger on a machine unless in an appropriate seat with an operator restraint system.
  • Managers should develop training for mobile machine operators and ensure workers are following safety regulations and are properly trained in operating equipment.

The third guide details how a logger was killed by a sliding 41-foot pole. Recommendations include:

  • Remain alert for loose objects on hillsides.
  • Determine that the landing area is large enough to prevent logs from rolling or sliding.
  • Make sure workers on the landing can communicate with the rigging crew.
  • Ensure inexperienced workers are trained and supervised.