Whistleblower Temporary workers

OSHA issues bulletins on PPE, whistleblower rights for temp workers

OSHA_logo -- Aug 2013

Washington – OSHA has released information bulletins on personal protective equipment and whistleblower protection rights as part of the agency’s Temporary Worker Initiative.

The initiative, launched in 2013, targets safety compliance for workers jointly employed by a host employer and staffing agency.

The PPE bulletin explains that both the host employer and staffing agency must ensure proper PPE and necessary training are provided to temporary workers.

The whistleblower bulletin states that temporary workers have the same rights and protections as other workers when they raise workplace safety concerns and report injuries to their employers, OSHA and other government agencies.

Both the staffing agency and host employer are forbidden from retaliating against workers for participating in the protected activity of reporting injuries and concerns. A temporary worker must file a complaint with OSHA within 30 days of experiencing retaliation.