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3 fatalities prompt toolbox talks from Oregon FACE

Portland, OR – The Oregon Occupational Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program has released new toolbox talks focusing on three fatal incidents.

In one incident, a construction worker died after he was crushed while leaning out of a skid steer forklift’s protective cage. The guide includes the following tips for preventing similar incidents:

  • Stay seated inside the protective cage. Power off equipment before exiting.
  • Check safety features before use and report any issues. Never operate equipment if safety features are improperly operating.
  • Do not wear loose clothing. Remove accessories, such as tool belts.

In another incident, a mechanic was killed when pouring gasoline on a warming fire at a logging site. Among OR-FACE’s guidance:

  • Use only the correct materials to start and stoke a fire – never use gasoline or saw fuel near an open flame.
  • Train employees on how to safely handle gasoline.

In the third incident, an auto salvage worker was crushed when an unsecured car rolled off his truck. Tips include:

  • Ensure the load is secured in the transporter before removing the forklift.
  • Ensure workers are clear before releasing a load.
  • Use a spotter if necessary, and communicate with loading partners.