CPSC approves federal safety standard for frame child carriers

Washington – Using a frame child carrier when hiking with your young one may soon become safer.

Frame child carriers are made of sewn fabric on a metal frame and typically are worn on an adult’s back while hiking. They are intended to carry a child weighing 16 to 50 pounds who can sit upright without help.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission on Feb. 18 voted in support of a federal mandatory standard intended to reduce hazards on the carriers. The standard encompasses ASTM International’s voluntary standard, F2549-14a, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Frame Child Carriers, and has requirements pertaining to potential hazards such as:

  • Sharp edges
  • Lead paint
  • Pinching
  • Uncovered springs
  • Openings

The new standard also mandates that carriers include a restraint system and a way to test it, can carry 3 times the maximum recommended weight, and have a handle that does not break when pulled with 3 times the maximum recommended weight.