Window Safety Week is April 5-11

Itasca, IL – Deaths and injuries that result from children falling out of open windows are tragic – and preventable.

That’s the message from the National Safety Council, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and other organizations to parents and guardians in preparation for Window Safety Week, which is set for April 5-11.

NSC’s Window Safety Task Force offers the following suggestions to parents:

  • Know that there is no substitute for adult supervision.
  • When children are nearby, make sure windows are closed and locked.
  • For double-hung windows on upper floors, open the top sash closest to the ceiling but keep the bottom sash closed.
  • Never rely on screens to prevent falls.
  • Do not place furniture near windows.
  • Prohibit children from jumping on beds or other furniture that could cause a fall.
  • If young children are in the home, install fall prevention devices (approved by ASTM) that restrict windows from opening wide.

“It only takes seconds for a preventable window fall to occur,” Amy Artuso, NSC program manager, said in a press release.