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FACEValue: Worker killed in fall from trailer platform

Case report: #OR 2013-05-1*
Issued by: Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation
Date of incident: April 2013

A 35-year-old vineyard worker was standing on a makeshift wooden platform attached to a trailer-mounted 400-gallon chemical tank. The platforms had been installed by the employer, and the trailer was being towed by a tractor. The worker’s hat blew off while he was riding on the platform on the moving trailer, and he stepped off to retrieve it. Once back on the platform, or as he was stepping onto the platform, the worker lost his balance and fell, striking his head on a large rock. The crew foreman called the vineyard manager, who called for emergency medical help. The manager and workers performed CPR until emergency personnel arrived. The worker was pronounced dead at the scene.

To prevent future occurrences:

  • Employers should consult the manufacturer before modifying, installing or retrofitting equipment.
  • Employees should be trained on hazard recognition and control.
  • Training on the use of personal protective equipment should include not only proper use, but also limitations, such as how ergonomics and mobility may be affected during use.