Webinar: The hidden threats to your safety

Many Americans worry about improbable events such as shark attacks and plane crashes, but in reality some of the things we do every day pose a bigger risk to our safety.

The National Safety Council is hosting a free webinar on June 23 that will examine the most common threats to our safety, as well as how to reduce the risk of being hurt or killed in a preventable incident.

NSC Statistics Manager Ken Kolosh, who recently was profiled in Newsweek and on the Discovery Channel, will use data from the 2015 edition of “Injury Facts” to explain:

  • The top causes of unintentional injury deaths
  • Your odds of dying from various causes
  • States with the highest and lowest rates of unintentional injury deaths
  • The scope of the “distracted walking” problem
  • Why crashes involving distracted drivers have risen for the third straight year
  • The exponential rise in falls among older adults
  • Why poisonings are up 7 percent in a single year
  • Current traffic fatality trends and why deaths likely will increase

Registration for the webinar is required. For more information, email [email protected].