CPSC campaign aims to keep kids safe from TV, furniture tip-overs

Washington – Children have been seriously injured – even killed – when TVs and furniture tip over.

In response, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has developed a national campaign called “Anchor It!” to educate the public about this danger and help prevent injuries and deaths. On average, a child dies every two weeks from unsecured TVs and large furniture, according to CPSC. Children younger than 10 accounted for 84 percent of the 430 deaths reported to CPSC from 2000 to 2013.

The campaign will feature public service announcements in print and broadcast formats and on billboards. A website, www.AnchorIt.gov, explains the hazards of tip-overs and shows how to secure TVs and furniture. Posters and cards with tips will be handed out at preschools and daycare centers.

CPSC offers the following tips for parents:

  • Use anchoring devices to secure TVs, dressers and other furniture from tipping over.
  • Don’t leave objects, such as remote controls and toys, where children might climb to retrieve them.
  • Keep heavier objects in lower drawers or on lower shelves.
  • Put TVs on a low, sturdy base. Set them up as far back as possible.
  • Consider recycling an old TV, or anchoring it to the wall.