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NTSB: Collision avoidance systems should be standard on all passenger, commercial vehicles


Washington – The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for collision avoidance systems to be standard in all new passenger and commercial vehicles.

NTSB states in a June 8 special investigation report that the systems can help reduce injuries and deaths by preventing rear-end crashes.

The agency recommends that manufacturers implement collision warning systems and then add autonomous emergency braking after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration implements braking performance standards. NTSB also recommends that NHTSA create tests and standards to evaluate the systems’ performance and include the ratings in an expanded safety rating scale.

Additionally, NTSB has released a safety alert that encourages consumers and commercial fleet owners to consider purchasing vehicles with collision warning systems and autonomous emergency braking.

The agency states in a press release that progress on implementing the systems has been “limited,” due to a lack of incentives and public awareness.

Last year, complete forward collision avoidance systems were standard in only four of 684 passenger vehicle models.