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FACEValue: Truck driver struck and killed by concrete panel

Case report: #09MI075*
Issued by: Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program

A semi-truck driver was struck and killed by a nearly 4,000-pound concrete panel that fell from a semi-truck trailer. The unsecured concrete panel that struck the victim was located on the A-frame toward the front of the trailer. The following sequence of events is assumed: As the panel from the rear of the trailer was lifted, the looped tag line caught the edge of the unsecured panel at the front. As the victim went to move the tag line away from the panel, it tightened and exerted enough force to cause the panel to fall from the A-frame, striking and killing the victim.

To prevent future occurrences:

  • Use transport devices, such as shoulder bolts, to secure concrete panels.
  • Standard operating procedures should be in place to address load securement.
  • Truck driver training should emphasize safe driver positioning during unloading, and that the driver should not enter the unloading zone without confirmation from the individual unloading the trailer.
  • Crane operators and their employers should ensure employees follow appropriate crane operation procedures.