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New fact sheet outlines risk of formaldehyde in home laminate flooring

Falls Church, VA – Does your home have laminate flooring? Do recent news reports about formaldehyde levels have you concerned? A new fact sheet from the American Industrial Hygiene Association offers some guidance.

Formaldehyde can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified it as a known carcinogen. Recent tests have found some Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring sold in the United States had formaldehyde emission rates that exceeded guidelines.

The fact sheet explains what formaldehyde is, potential health concerns regarding the use of the chemical in laminate flooring and what can be done if formaldehyde is emitting from the flooring.

The AIHA fact sheet is intended to help consumers decide whether to investigate a possible formaldehyde problem, determine whether testing is appropriate and respond if formaldehyde outgassing is occurring.