Fall prevention Utilities

Provide fall protection for all employees at height, MIOSHA stresses


Photo: vanbeets/iStock/Thinkstock

Lansing, MI – Recent deaths and serious injuries suffered by water tower workers has prompted the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration to remind employers about the importance of fall protection.

All employees working at heights higher than 6 feet must be provided with “100 percent” fall protection, MIOSHA said in an Aug. 20 press release. In the past 10 months, three employees in the Midwest have been killed and one seriously injured in falls related to work at water towers.

“Diligent application of proper safety and health practices that comply with MIOSHA standards can stop these fall incidents from occurring,” the agency stated. Water tower employers should implement safety and health programs addressing fall protection, fixed ladders, scaffolds, permit-required confined spaces, chemical and noise exposures, and severe weather, MIOSHA added.