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New safety resources available to Spanish-speaking workers

Latino workers

Washington – Two agencies have released materials to help educate Spanish-speaking workers about occupational safety.

NIOSH has produced “Protect Yourself at Work” resources – including four booklets/brochures, five videos and two posters. The print materials have illustrations, and the videos feature workers or actors telling personal stories about work injuries.

The resources are intended to inform employees about their work rights, potential hazards and where to seek help to prevent or reduce risks, NIOSH stated in a Sept. 1 blog post.

Additionally, four construction toolbox talk guides from the Oregon Occupational Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program have been translated into Spanish:

  • “Construction worker dies when he leans out of the protective cage of a skid steer forklift”
  • “Excavation worker killed by flying rigging when hook fails”
  • “Novice drywall installer dies in 7-foot fall from scaffold”
  • “Home construction worker falls down elevator shaft”