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Leadership Keynote: Speaker focuses on being ‘safe 4 the right reasons’


Atlanta – Dale Lesinski holds up four fingers to deliver his message.

During the Leadership Keynote Sept. 30 at the NSC Congress & Expo, Lesinski, vice president of DiVal Safety Equipment, asked audience members to close their eyes and think of four people who depend on them to work safely.

He asked how many included themselves. Few did. We must strive for safety for ourselves as well as for others, he emphasized.

Lesinski’s message has made an impact on his own life. He recalled how his wife of 26 years held up her four fingers while he was driving one day. It worked – Lesinski drove more slowly and cautiously. The message also can be effective at work.

“Nothing is more important than getting home to your kitchen table tonight,” he said.

Lesinski posed another question to the audience: Is acting safe a natural human behavior? Some answered yes. But Lesinski said it is not. We want to get a job done quickly; we think we know what we’re doing, he said. Or we think nothing bad will happen. We skip steps.

Attitude makes a difference, and we should remember the four who depend on us to be safe, Lesinski said.

“[Safety] profoundly and permanently affects their lives,” he said.