Safe T Boy and Safe T Girl share elevator/escalator tips

Mobile, AL – The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation has launched a campaign to help inform children on how to safely use elevators, escalators and moving walkways.

The Safe-T-Rider Program features a video, an activity sheet and mascots named Safe T Boy and Safe T Girl.

The foundation offers the following tips for safely riding elevators:

  • Be careful where you step.
  • Don’t touch closing doors.
  • If the doors remain closed, press the alarm button and wait.
  • Don’t use elevators during a fire – take the stairs.

EESF also provides the following guidance for using escalators and moving walkways:

  • Use caution when stepping on and off.
  • Don’t bring strollers onto an escalator or moving walkway.
  • Hold the handrail.
  • Supervise younger children.
  • Refrain from touching the sides below the handrail.
  • Don’t ride facing backward.