AIHA introduces online 'Mold Resource Center'

Falls Church, VA – A new online resource center offers a variety of materials to help people protect themselves and their family members from mold growth in buildings.

The American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Mold Resource Center features guidance on how to prevent mold buildup – and what to do if it occurs.

The new resource center includes:

  • An overview document titled “Facts About Mold”
  • Guidance for safely cleaning up after a flood
  • Mold-related articles from Synergist magazine
  • Access to other relevant publications and educational courses
  • A state-by-state search tool for AIHA consultants

Living in a building with mold increases a person’s risk of developing a respiratory disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. People who may be most affected by mold include infants; children; pregnant women; the elderly; and those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

“The AIHA Mold Resource Center should be the first stop on the Internet for professionals, home owners and business owners affected by mold growth and contamination caused by flooding, storms and water intrusion into buildings,” Donald Weekes, member of the AIHA Board of Directors’ Indoor Environmental Quality Committee, said in a press release.