OSHA requesting comment on whistleblower anti-retaliation guidance


Photo: mipan/iStock/Thinkstock

Washington – Stakeholders are encouraged to comment on a draft guidance document from OSHA intended to help employers develop a whistleblower protection program.

The document defines retaliation as it relates to whistleblowers, as well as the benefits of an anti-retaliation program.

Five steps to creating an effective program, according to the document, are:

  • Ensure leadership commitment.
  • Foster an anti-retaliation culture.
  • Implement a system for responding to reports of retaliation.
  • Conduct anti-retaliation training.
  • Monitor progress and program improvement.

OSHA is interested in learning from stakeholders whether anti-retaliation concepts are described clearly in the document, if issues related to small businesses are addressed, and whether the guidance includes important features of an anti-retaliation program.

The document is based on recommendations developed by OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee. Comments are due Jan. 19.