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Avoid parking lot hazards

cars in parking lot
Source: P_Wei/iStockphoto

Many employees begin and end their workday in parking lots, but they may overlook the potential dangers of the area. West Virginia University advises workers to approach parking lots the same way they would any street or intersection.

When walking in a parking lot, WVU recommends the following:

  • Watch for vehicles and check your surroundings.
  • Never assume a driver can or will see you.
  • Always look both ways before crossing, and use sidewalks when available.
  • Refrain from walking in between parked vehicles; instead, walk down the lot’s main aisles.
  • Walk in groups so it’s easier for drivers to see you.
  • Wear appropriate shoes in inclement weather.

When driving through a parking lot, the university says to:

  • Park in spots with less vehicle and foot traffic, and always watch for pedestrians.
  • Avoid driving in reverse when possible. Instead, pull all the way through a parking spot to avoid backing out and dealing with blind spots.
  • Drive slowly – no faster than 10 mph. Drive even slower in bad weather, and remember that vehicles tend to skid in wet weather.
  • Be mindful of tight spaces and low clearance.