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Oregon FACE releases new toolbox talks

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Photo: Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation

Portland, OR – Three fatal incidents have spurred the Oregon Occupational Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program to issue new toolbox talk guides.

In one incident, a worker died after falling through a skylight while fixing a warehouse roof. The guide from OR-FACE shares these tips:

  • Identify and protect against known and possible hazards.
  • Ensure buildings with plastic-domed skylights have fall prevention.
  • Identify and shield skylights.

In another incident, a worker fell while putting rocks around a pond and drowned. The guide includes the following advice:

  • Ensure workers wear or have floatation devices, fall prevention or grab lines nearby when drowning is possible.
  • Train workers about safety before working near water.
  • Evaluate the workplace for hazards when duties or conditions change.
  • Consider different equipment if standard equipment is impractical or unsafe.

In the third incident, a worker died when he was struck by the cap of the hydraulic accumulator he was disassembling. The guide recommends workers:

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Release pressure from pressurized systems before working on them.
  • Set up a “dump valve” to ensure pressure release when the system is powered off.
  • Inform workers about stored energy hazards and safe practices.