NSC Chairman, CEO blog about preventing workplace incidents in honor of Workers’ Memorial Day

“It’s the people we lost who we want to remember on April 28, Workers’ Memorial Day,” writes John Surma, chairman of the National Safety Council Board of Directors, in a post for NSC’s “Safety First” blog. Surma goes on to say that fatalities could be reduced and even eliminated if “we stop reacting to what happened and start considering what could have happened.”

In a separate blog entry, written for the Huffington Post, NSC President and CEO Deborah A.P. Hersman tells the story of Mason, a 19-year-old worker who was killed on his first day on the job. Hersman adds that “it’s time to focus on prevention efforts so that families do not have to face these kinds of tragedies.”

Workers’ Memorial Day is a national observance to honor workers who died on the job and to recommit to safe and healthful workplaces.