Public has positive perception of vehicle safety features, NSC analysis shows

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The public’s attitude toward vehicle safety features has become largely positive as awareness of the technologies grows, according to a recent social media analysis conducted by MyCarDoesWhat, a joint initiative of the National Safety Council and the University of Iowa.

Researchers examined 50,000 social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ between January 2014 and August 2016 – 16 months before and after MyCarDoesWhat was launched in April 2015. They found a 21 percent increase in posts regarding advanced driver assistance systems and a 27 percent jump in positive conversations about them.

“We have always known that education is a critical part of behavior change,” Kelly Nantel, vice president of communications and advocacy for NSC, said in a press release. “Helping drivers understand the technology in their vehicles will prepare them not only for their next trip to the dealership, but also for the advancements that lie ahead. This research demonstrates that we are headed in the right direction.”