NSC survey looks at fatigue’s effects on the workplace

Image: FangXiaNuo/iStockphoto

Itasca, IL – Seventy percent of Americans are concerned that their sleep habits affect their physical health, but only 43 percent reported that they “frequently” get enough sleep, according to the results of a recent survey from the National Safety Council.

To better understand the effects of fatigue in the workplace, NSC commissioned a study by market research firm GfK. In February, GfK conducted 15-minute online surveys with a random sample of workers ages 18 and older who were employed for at least 35 hours a week.

Among the findings:

  • 67 percent of workers are concerned that their lack of sleep affects their mental health.
  • 59 percent reported that they are unable to perform their job as well when tired.
  • 30 percent said work-related stress is a cause of their lack of sleep or ability to stay asleep.

Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to depression, obesity and cardiovascular disease, among other illnesses. More than 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea or insomnia, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests adults get seven to nine hours of sleep daily.