NSC releases second report in workplace fatigue series

sleepy worker

Photo: PeopleImages/iStockphoto

Thirteen percent of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue, according to a new report from the National Safety Council.

Fatigue in the Workplace: Risky Employer Practices is the second report in a three-part series. The new data summarized in the report illustrates the workplace practices and policies that contribute to worker fatigue, including night shifts, overtime scheduling and a lack of time off between shifts.

Other findings:

  • 90 percent of employers said they will meet with a fatigued employee to understand the root causes of the fatigue, but only 55 percent will adjust an employee’s schedule or tasks accordingly.
  • 74 percent of employers underestimate the prevalence of fatigue in the workforce.
  • 73 percent of employers do not communicate with employees about fatigue.
  • 61 percent of employers do not believe their employees would feel comfortable telling them if they were too tired to perform their job safely.
  • 60 percent of employers lack a designated area for employees to rest.

The first report in the series, “Fatigue in the Workplace: Causes and Consequences of Employee Fatigue,” as well as more information on fatigue, can be found at nsc.org/fatiguereport.