NSC part of effort to standardize names of advanced driver assistance technology

Driving assistance dashboard
Photo: supergenijalac/iStockphoto

Itasca, IL — The National Safety Council has joined with three organizations to adopt standardized naming for advanced driver assistance technology in an effort to reduce confusion.

To help educate consumers on the benefits, limitations and proper use of these technologies, NSC, AAA, Consumer Reports and J.D. Power are calling for all safety organizations, automakers and journalists covering the automotive industry to join them in adopting these terms. The terms are not meant to replace automotive manufacturers’ proprietary system or package names; rather, they are intended to achieve clearer and consistent information on window stickers, owner’s manuals and other marketing materials on generic system components.

Earlier this year, research conducted by AAA concluded that consumers are faced with as many as 20 names for a single ADAS feature, varying by vehicle manufacturer, which can cause confusion.