Address worker fatigue through technology: Free webinars

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In May, the National Safety Council will host a series of free webinars exploring fatigue detection technologies and their ability to help save worker lives. The webinars:
May 4: Introduction to Fatigue in the Workplace and Detection Technology to Save Lives – During this introductory discussion, three academic and research experts will present current information about fatigue in the workplace as well as introduce technology available to detect and mitigate the risk.
May 11: Sensors and Wearables: Using Biometric Data to Detect and Monitor Fatigue – A panel of industry partners will discuss the use of sensors and wearables that collect biometric data to detect and monitor worker fatigue.
May 18: PVTs and Biomathematical Models: Gold Standard Tools for Detecting and Monitoring Fatigue – For decades, psychomotor vigilance tests and biomathematical models have been promoted as gold-standard tools for fatigue risk management. Representatives from technology vendors and companies will discuss how to pilot and implement PVTs and biomathematical models to prevent fatigue-related fatalities in the workplace.
May 25: Hardware and Other Technology Solutions to Complement Fatigue Risk Management – Technology vendors and customers will discuss the use of hardware systems to track visual cues and detect microsleep, as well as technology that measures workers’ pupils and voice recognition to detect worker fatigue.