NSC offers six safe driving tips for Memorial Day weekend

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Photo: KenWiedemann/iStockphoto

Itasca, IL — The National Safety Council estimates 450 people will lose their lives in preventable crashes over the Memorial Day weekend. As one of the most dangerous weekends of the year to be on the road approaches, NSC is urging drivers to plan ahead and practice safe behaviors behind the wheel.

Safe driving tips to consider:
Buckle up: Lack of seat belt use is a top cause of fatalities in crashes. Make sure you have appropriate car seats installed correctly, too. 
Designate a sober driver or arrange alternate transportation: Alcohol is only one factor for impaired driving. Drugs – including opioids, marijuana and some over-the-counter medicines – can cause drowsiness, alter visual functions, and affect mental judgment and motor skills.
Slow down: Speeding is a factor in more than a quarter of all traffic fatalities. Pay attention to speed limits. And keep a close eye out for bicyclists and pedestrians to keep all road users safe.
Prepare before you go: Before hitting the road, make sure your car is safe to drive. Check the oil and the tire pressure, and visit ChecktoProtect.org to see if your vehicle has an open recall. (Repairs are free.)
Drive distraction-free: Thousands of people have died in vehicle crashes involving cellphone use. Put your phone away and #JustDrive.
Look before you lock: Pediatric vehicular heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash motor vehicle-related fatality for children. Since 1998, more than 900 children in the United States have died because of this preventable tragedy. Always check your back seat for children or pets when you reach your destination.