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Attwood confirmed as OSHRC commissioner

Washington – Cynthia Attwood has been confirmed for her second term as a commissioner of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

Attwood was sworn in Aug. 6, about five months after she was re-nominated to the post by President Barack Obama and more than three months after her first term expired. The Senate confirmed her nomination Aug. 1.

OSHRC hears and rules on disputes between OSHA and employers regarding citations, and the commissioners rule on appeals of cases previously decided by OSHRC judges.

Between the end of Attwood’s first term and her recent confirmation, OSHRC was unable to rule on appeals because the commission had only one confirmed member – chairperson Thomasina Rogers. The confirmation restores a quorum to OSHRC, which now can resume deciding cases. Three commissioners may serve on OSHRC at a time, but a third has not been nominated.

Attwood’s new term expires April 27, 2019.