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Health care workers: Is your respirator NIOSH-approved?

Washington – A new publication from NIOSH explains how health care workers can verify that a respirator has received the agency’s approval.

NIOSH-approved respirators have approval markings on the facepeice or straps, according to the document. However, the agency warns that counterfeit respirators may contain fake approval markings. If the respirator does not appear on NIOSH’s list of approved respirators or has no testing and certification approval number (beginning with “TC”) printed on the product, packaging or instructions, then it likely is not NIOSH-approved.

The document also notes that NIOSH approval applies to the originally tested respirator and not to those that have been altered, as changes could affect the fit or function.

To ensure your respirator is NIOSH-approved, check the TC number against NIOSH’s list or call NIOSH at (412) 386-4000.