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FMCSA formally adopts variety of MAP-21 provisions

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Oct. 1 issued an omnibus final rule that formally adopts a variety of regulatory provisions mandated by MAP-21, a 2012 surface transportation funding bill.

Each of the 17 provisions adopted by the final rule went into effect either on Oct. 1, 2012, or Oct. 1, 2013. New or changed regulations affecting commercial motor vehicle drivers and carriers include:

  • New commercial motor carriers must undergo initial safety fitness reviews within 12 months of beginning property-carrying operations and 120 days for passenger-carrying operations, both of which previously had 18-month requirements.
  • Penalties for violating a variety of FMCSA regulations, such as reporting, recordkeeping and registration requirements, are increased.
  • Commercial motor carriers can be penalized for not “reasonably knowing” that a driver with a suspended commercial driver’s license should not have been operating a CMV.

Additionally, the provisions provide FMCSA with stronger authority to revoke the operating status of foreign CMV drivers and carriers operating in the United States if they violate FMCSA regulations.

Petitions for reconsideration are due to FMCSA by Dec. 2.