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NHTSA adds rearview video to recommended vehicle features list

Washington – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is adding rearview video systems – which show drivers what is directly behind their vehicle – to its list of Recommended Advanced Technology Features for consumer vehicles.

According to a recent notice, the list is part of NHTSA’s U.S. New Car Assessment Program, which is most known for its five-star safety ratings of vehicles.

Comments on a June 26 notice detailing NHTSA’s plans to add rearview video systems to the list were generally positive, although some commenters expressed concern over how the agency would evaluate which systems would meet the program’s safety criteria.

In the notice, NHTSA confirmed the following verification criteria:

  • The video should allow view of the 20-foot by 10-foot zone directly behind the vehicle, which is associated with the greatest backover risk.
  • The device should be active within two seconds of the vehicle switching into reverse.
  • The screen should be large enough for drivers to be able to make safety decisions about objects in the video.