NHTSA releases five-year safety plan for older drivers

Washington – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Dec. 5 announced a new five-year plan aimed at improving the safety of older drivers and passengers.

NHTSA statistics shows that people older than 65 are more likely than younger driving-age people to be seriously injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash. To address older motorists’ increased risk, the agency plans to:

  • Research and develop new crash-avoidance technologies to reduce crashes involving older drivers and – in the case of a crash – find ways to improve vehicle designs to reduce the risk of injury or death
  • Collect data on the types of crashes older drivers are involved in and the types of injuries they suffer, as well as conduct studies on how age-related medical conditions such as dementia affect driving
  • Educate older drivers, medical professionals and institutions responsible for licensing drivers about addressing age-related changes to older drivers’ vision, physical mobility and cognitive abilities

Additionally, the plan includes enhancements for data collection and education efforts on safety for older pedestrians.