Drivers concerned about speeding but do it anyway: survey

Washington – Almost half of drivers in a recent survey said they worry about crashing due to driving too fast, yet more than a quarter admitted to exceeding speed limits.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration surveyed 6,144 driving-aged people in 2011 about their speeding habits and their attitudes toward speeding. Among the findings:

  • About 4 out of 5 drivers said they believe driving “at or near the speed limit” reduces their risk of being in a crash.
  • One-fifth of respondents reported that they will go as fast as they can to get to their destination, and 3 out of 5 drivers said that they often become impatient with slower drivers.
  • Drivers 16-20 years old were more likely than other age groups to speed while driving, and 11 percent reported they had been in at least one speeding-related crash in the past five years, compared with 4 percent of all drivers surveyed.

In a press release, NHTSA recommended parents discuss speeding and other safety-critical driving behaviors with their teens to help reduce unsafe driving in this age group.