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Contact: Caroline Hurd
Title: Services Respresentative
Phone: 910-899-8287


National Association of Safety Professionals
P.O. Box 3367
Wilmington NC 28406
United States
The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) has been offering professional development courses, both online and in a classroom style format, for almost two decades. Our commitment to training adults in a variety of environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements (e.g., OSHA, DOT and EPA) is unparalleled. We have created an immersive learning experience that is designed to maximize ease of use and student retention from both an administrative and end-user point-of-view. Our online courses are intuitive, easy to navigate, and are dynamically designed to be exciting and entertaining by utilizing gamification and other tools for student recall. The primary mission of NASP is to provide safety professionals, as well as individuals who are required to meet regulatory requirements within their facility, with innovative training opportunities and professional certification to assist them in carrying out their safety related functions with confidence and proven competence. We understand that when deciding on online safety course providers, there may be many to choose from, and the task can be overwhelming. What sets NASP apart from many others is that we fully embrace the science of adult learning, known as andragogy. We apply the principles of adult learning to immerse and engage our customers on a level not achieved by the cookie-cutter online providers that mass produce content. These adult learning principles, such as understanding that learning as an adult is problem-centered rather than content-oriented, can provide information in a format that builds upon the growing reservoir of experience that each employee has learned throughout their careers. This process ultimately leads to better retention of information, producing a safer working employee. Thank you for your interest in our products and services. We look forward to aiding you in your safety-related needs.


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