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Contact: Francis Puchalski
Title: Director
Phone: 757-683-4686


ODU Programs for Continued Learning
Old Dominion University
Darden College of Education, Rm. 122
Norfolk VA 23529
United States
Old Dominion University Certificate in Occupational Safety online courses. The certification program provides noncredit instruction as certification preparation or continuing education recertification training for maintaining professional endorsements. The Five (5) 45-hour noncredit web based courses can be found at: http://education.odu.edu/pcl/occupationalsafety.shtml XSFT 0101: Occupational Safety Standards, Laws and Regulations XSFT 0102: Principles of Occupational Safety XSFT 0103: Occupational Safety Health (OSH) Program Management XSFT 0104: Physical Hazards and Their Control XSFT 0105: Industrial Hygiene Please visit the Programs for Continued Learning web site: http://education.odu.edu/pcl - or call 757-683-4686.
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