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Contact: Rachael Daniels
Phone: 800-267-7482


631 College St. E.
Belleville ON K8N 0A3
SafeStart is a safety company focused on human factors. Our mission is to reduce preventable deaths and injuries both on and off the job. We make human factors more understandable, safety training more personable, and give organizations around the world a more engaging and useful approach to keeping people safe. With our flagship SafeStart training program, we’ve taught millions of employees in over 30 languages how to reduce human error, guiding them to take practical safety skills from the workplace into their homes and communities. We’ve also trained supervisors to understand and manage human factors in the workplace, and advised senior leaders to achieve operational excellence in quality, service and productivity with a culture deeply rooted in safety. SafeStart’s unique combination of individual and system solutions gives companies a more dynamic and reliable approach to keeping people safe—with a positive ROI and lasting employee engagement. Our practical approach to learning and our transformative human factors framework allow our consultants, staff and clients to unlock continuous improvements and tackle the toughest workforce challenges. SafeStart is a management company that cares about the safety of individual workers. A training company that cares about organizational excellence. A learning company that cares about 24/7 performance. SafeStart is the next generation of safety management and training.


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