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Contact: Rob Maser
Title: Sales Director
Phone: 925-243-9810 x285


Wiley X Eyewear
7800 Patterson Pass Rd.
Livermore CA 94550
United States
Wiley X is a premium safety eyewear and sunglasses brand. Wiley X is the pioneer and owns the patent on the removable, soft foam eyewear gaskets that so many manufacturers are trying to emulate. Employers Wiley X Eyewear is a world leader in manufacturing premium, stylish performance sunglasses and protective eyewear for military, civilian and industrial safety markets. We produce Rx-ready, high quality and good looking safety and Ballistic certified eyewear that fits well and looks good so workers actually want to wear it. Our patented, removable, soft foam Facial Cavity Seals set the standard for sealed eyewear in the industry. Employers tell us our products are a big reason for eye injury reductions and dramatic improvements in safety eyewear compliance. Workers simply want to wear Wiley X because our products are comfortable, stylish, fit well, provide the necessary protection, are Rx-ready, can be worn indoors and out and the foam is soft & removable. Our 25+ year heritage includes a foundation of providing eye protection for military units around the world. We took that safety heritage into the commercial eyewear market, expanded the technology and applied it to our sunwear products. The result is Wiley X is the only premium performance sunwear manufacturer whose entire line meets safety standards. Wiley X glasses are being worn extensively in the Oil Sands, on construction site, in manufacturing environments and many other industrial operations around the world. Employers looking to move beyond the typical safety eyewear solutions and into premium safety eyewear chose Wiley X. Wiley X – Absolute. Premium. Protection.
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