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Contact: Jennifer Kozak
Title: Business Development Manager
Phone: 281-631-0588


Trauma Locker,LLC
11614 Boudreaux Rd.
Tomball TX 77375
United States
When an emergency occurs, will you be prepared? The fact is, most workplaces aren’t. With Trauma Locker, now you can be. Trauma Locker addresses these concerns. Equipped with a wide array of emergency response items and safety equipment, Trauma Locker is your one source to handle nearly any emergency, including cardiac arrest, heat stroke, broken bones, severe cuts and lacerations, eye contamination, shortness of breath, CPR, burns, neck injuries, patient evacuation, and much more. From offshore and onshore drilling platforms, to constructions sites, refineries, industrial complexes, schools, offices, stadiums… Anywhere that job-site safety is a concern Trauma Locker is there to insure your workforce is covered by the best on-site emergency response solution available today.
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