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Contact: Eric Svendsen
Phone: 303-278-8610


600 17th Street
Suite 2800 South
Denver CO 80202
United States
Safety Built-In is a safety leadership learning and development company that helps business organizations to develop a culture of safety and leadership in their workplace. We believe that compliance is not enough to ensure the safety of a workplace, but awareness has to be created, and the values and importance of safety have to be built in rather than bolted on. Our qualified coaches work with EHS teams of the client organizations to affect a paradigm shift in their thinking regarding safety and equip the participants with tools and skills necessary to lead a safety culture. Our safety leadership trainings are tailored to suit the working of an organization and aim at creating leaders who would lead a safety culture long after we are gone. Our clients cover the entire industrial spectrum–from oil and gas, to power and energy, to manufacturing, to agriculture and food processing, to construction and heavy equipment, to aerospace and defense, and everything else in between. We maintain a track record that is incomparable to any other safety leadership training and our program has consistently reduced our clients’ recordable incidents (TRIR) by an average of 40% in the first year of its implementation. We are obsessed to deliver the ‘best-ever safety performance’ through years and help our clients achieve the same who follow our ‘compliance to culture’ philosophy. Visit and to know more on the services we offer.
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