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Contact: Jen Paoletto
Phone: (860) 383 7090 ext. 723


Wearsafe Labs
1429 Park Street
Hartford CT 06106
United States
Each day we hear about people whose lives are impacted because they couldn’t get help when they needed it most. Our founders, David Benoit and Phill Giancarlo, realized that too often people in distress are unable to use their phones and dedicated themselves to solving this problem. By collaborating with top security experts, users, designers, and engineers we have created a personal safety solution that fits the way we live today. The result is Wearsafe, giving you the ability to instantly connect and get help in real time. Wearsafe will redefine the way you call for help when you need your friends and family the most. It’s the smartest, most effective Safety Service in the world, and it will allow you — and the people you care about — to live more confidently every day.
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