CYBRA Corporation

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Contact: Ben Jakubovic
Title: Safety & Security Solutions Architect
Phone: 914-963-6600


CYBRA Corporation
28 Wells Avenue
Yonkers NY 10701
United States
CYBRA is a leader in the Auto-ID industry. With over 30 years of software development expertise, CYBRA's software solutions is trusted by hundreds of leading brands around the world. CYBRA's software, Edgefinity IoT, is a next-generation safety and security product that allows for complete, real-time situational awareness at any site or location. Edgefinity IoT sends out alerts to a group of staff and/or management to ensure that safety incidents and hazards detected by the system are dealt with immediately and effectively. Edgefinity IoT addresses the complex safety and security needs of facilities ranging from typical office buildings to Critical Infrastructure. It is a fully scalable software/hardware solution. Combining active RFID hardware and software with Real Time Location System (RTLS) and multi-sensor capabilities, Edgefinity IoT gives stakeholders the assurance of health, safety and secure monitoring of staff even in lone worker situations.
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