Scensible Source Company

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Contact: Ann Germanow
Title: CEO
Phone: 866-231-7050


Scensible Source Company
PO Box 22991
Rochester NY 14692
United States
Research has shown that receptacles for feminine care waste are the most contaminated spot in a restroom. Emptying and cleaning these disposal receptacles can be hazardous with risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens and other harmful germs. SCENSIBLES Solution, an innovative line of feminine hygiene disposal products- SCENSIBLES®, single-use disposal bags dispensed from refillable units that mount in the restroom stall, and specially designed plastic liner bags for stall feminine waste disposal units. By enclosing the contents, • minimize exposure to possible blood borne pathogens and harmful germs; • reduce unpleasant odors; • keep waste out of view; • and help divert inorganic waste from the toilet to the trashcan, reducing plumbing repairs and costs from toilet clogs and pipe blockages.
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