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Contact: Dolvin Todd
Title: President
Phone: 727-386-5438


Gorilla Netting
1232 Orange Ave
Dunedin FL 34698
United States
Just like every scar has a story, so does every business. Gorilla Netting was formed by Brandon West and Dolvin Todd, and our story is simple – it all boils down to doing things better. Different businesses and brands provide varying levels of quality products and services, that’s the way it’s always been, and the way it always will be. Nonetheless, when it comes to sports and barrier netting that provide safety and security to people and property, our founders firmly believe there is no room for excuses, exceptions, poor-quality materials, poor structure designs, and shoddy installations. For these reasons, Gorilla Netting was born. Our barrier netting systems help our clients offer increased safety and protection to their facilities, customers, employees and surrounding properties. All of our barrier netting structures are designed and engineered uniquely to your installation, providing a custom solution for each application. We serve all types of customers including: public and private companies, county and state municipalities, golf courses, golf driving ranges, baseball fields, colleges and universities, government agencies and the united states military. We specialize in sports and barrier netting for applications such as golf netting, baseball netting, multi-sports complex netting, drone netting enclosures and cages for technology development testing and training, overhead netting and enclosures combined with security perimeter fences for contraband prevention in correctional facilities, and litter control fences for landfills and waste management facilities to contain debris. Apart from these applications, we always welcome custom applications and are constantly working on innovating materials, techniques and designs. Shop our selection of products in our online storefront, or call us at (727) 386-5438 to speak with a representative about a custom netting system installation, or contact us through our website 24/7/365.
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