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Contact: Storie Holford
Title: Chief Marketing
Phone: 8178803677


4414 82nd Street
suite 212-320
Lubbock TX 79424
United States
The Safe-T-Stepper is like having a portable gate that wont slow you down. A high-quality aluminum alloy step and a protective cap both fit into a sturdy case that straps to your pack or belt. The Step securely attaches to the side of the t-post while the cap fits over the top of the post to protect your hands. Together they allow you to 'step over' the fence with ease. And it is small at 8x21/4x1 inches, lightweight at 11.5 oz including the case and the cap, and strong enough to withstand a 3,100 lb break test. Use the Coupon code 'SAFETY' at checkout for 10% off all online orders!
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